[ Ritsu ]


A runaway prince from a small kingdom, traveling to test himself for the thrill of it. Even though he’s a skilled fighter, it’s quite bizarre how Ritsu firmly believes he’s the chosen one...

Combat Style
All of his attacks are ranged, directional, and penetrating. Ideally he should be taking cheap shots at opponents from a distance, preferably from behind cover.
Max Steps at a time: 6 Max Tp: Medium TP consume for a Move: Low  
Move to recover SP: Medium Recover SP per sec: High Attack to recover SP: Medium Attack: 66
Skill I: Full Moon Darts Cooldown Time: 3
Fire 3 shurikens every 0.2 seconds, dealing up to 177 multi damage towards a 1x8 area.
Skill I: Blood Turbulence Cooldown Time: 10
Shoots 3 shurikens every 0.1 seconds towards a 3x7 area, dealing up to 178 multi damage while the damage multiplier for the middle row is x1.5 damage, and the upper and bottom rows are x1.2 damage.
Ougi: Autumn Breeze Cooldown Time: 0
Fire a sword blast towards a 3x10 area, dealing 3 rows of 654 penetrating damage along the way.