[ Matsukaze ]


An arrogant new star in the world of martial arts that aims to defeat every opponent using his own capabilities and take title of champion for himself.

Combat Style
Good in both defense and offense, a good one to start with for beginners.
Max Steps at a time: 6 Max Tp: Medium TP consume for a Move: Medium  
Move to recover SP: High Recover SP per sec: High Attack to recover SP: Low Attack: 66
Skill I: Resilient Cooldown Time: 7
Activate a shield that absorbs 693 damage, and another shield will be added to your HP during the period, lasting up to 5 seconds.
Skill I: Hand Chop Cooldown Time: 10
Deal 300 damage in a 3x3 area. Enemies will also be dazed for 1 second.
Ougi: All-Out Attack Cooldown Time: 0
Throw an infinite amount of punches and deal 196 damage per 0.5 seconds in a 3x4 area, and Enemies will be dazed for 0.3 seconds.