[ Ringo ]


Ringo appears to be calm and cool-headed, but sometimes can be a naive and absent-minded ninja girl that is terrible at suspecting others, and often gets messed with. She joins the tournament to pay for her grandpa’s medical bills.

Combat Style
A good character to start with for beginners. She has straightforward short/mid-range skills that may cause some visual confusion. Her ougi is mid-range and non directional.
Max Steps at a time: 6 Max Tp: Medium TP consume for a Move: Low  
Move to recover SP: High Recover SP per sec: High Attack to recover SP: Medium Attack: 71
Skill I: Ninpo - Chili Spray Cooldown Time: 7
Scatter chili powder in a 3x3 area, dealing 366 damage and disrupting vision temporarily.
Skill II: Ninpo - Cherry Bomb Cooldown Time: 7
Deal 378 damage in a 3x4 area and create a temporary smoke screen to disrupt vision for 2 seconds.
Ougi: Ninpo - Razor Wind Cooldown Time: 0
Deal 656 damage to Enemies in a 5x5 area around yourself.