[ Tsubame ]


Tsubame may look cold but she has a caring personality. She followed fellow ninja Ringo in joining the tournament to look after her, and make sure that people don’t mess around with her.

Combat Style
Her attacks are short ranged, but may cause massive damage if they’re successfully connected together as she’s a good melee character that can combo any skill.
Max Steps at a time: 6 Max Tp: Medium TP consume for a Move: Medium  
Move to recover SP: High Recover SP per sec: High Attack to recover SP: Low Attack: 69
Skill I: Ninpo - Audio Blast Cooldown Time: 10
Deal 256 damage to Enemies in a 3x2 area in the specific direction, dazing them for 1 second at the same time.
Skill II: Ninpo - Cuckoo Cooldown Time: 10
Shock enemies and deal 261 damage in a 3x2 area, and stun Enemies for 0.5 seconds.
Ougi: Ninpo - Humming Bird Cooldown Time: 0
Deal 225 damage every 0.2 seconds in a 3x3 area for a total of 5 times, and transfer 20% of damage dealt to your HP if an enemy is hit.