[ Tanuki ]


A female raccoon yokai in human form, Tanuki is a sharp and savvy businesswoman that has a weakness for valuable items and is good at setting traps. She loves watching others fall into her traps.

Combat Style
An opportunistic bomber, she enjoys watching preys falling into her traps.
Max Steps at a time: 6 Max Tp: High TP consume for a Move: Low  
Move to recover SP: Medium Recover SP per sec: High Attack to recover SP: Medium Attack: 66
Skill I: Landmine Cooldown Time: 7
Place hidden mines in each of the four corners of the 3x3 area around you. Enemies touching the 3x3 area around the mine will trigger it, dealing 251 damage, and the mine will detonate if not triggered in 20 seconds.
Skill II: Balloon Bomb Cooldown Time: 7
Face a 3x3 area and lock onto an enemy, and inflate a joker balloon that gradually gets bigger and follows the enemy. The balloon will detonate in 5 seconds, dealing 352 damage in a 5x5 area.
Ougi: Remote Bomb Cooldown Time: 0
Drop a bomb in the 15x15 area around yourself and tap the button above this ougi to detonate it, dealing 517 damage in a 5x5 area. The bomb is only visible to friendlies.