[ Yagumo ]


A wandering kabuki, Yagumo joined the tournament to broaden her experiences and meet interesting “adversaries,” but unexpectedly bumped into her longtime romantic interest: Yashao...

Combat Style
She has the ability to mark enemies before dealing a massive amount of chained damage to them.
Max Steps at a time: 6 Max Tp: High TP consume for a Move: Medium  
Move to recover SP: High Recover SP per sec: High Attack to recover SP: Medium Attack: 66
Skill I: Kurikara I Cooldown Time: 10
Deal 264 damage in a 3x3 area, marking any enemy with a Kurikara mark for 10 seconds. If hit, marked Enemies will emit thunder bolts in a 4-slot wide reticle, dealing 332 damage to other Enemies.
Skill II: Kurikara II Cooldown Time: 10
Generate two swords on the 6th slot in front and behind the faced area. Once an enemy stands on the path of the two swords, it will immediately take 260 penetrating damage. Once someone takes damage, the swords will disappear immediately. If it isn’t triggered, it will disappear automatically after 20 seconds.
Ougi: Kurikara III Cooldown Time: 0
Summons 4 swords in the corner of a 5x5 area around yourself, and surround the area with an electric current, dealing 400 damage for 3 seconds. During this period, enemies passing through the current will also take 96 of continuous damage and will be marked with the “Kurikara” mark. (Same as Skill I, if you suffer any attack, you will instantly unleash a 4-slot wide reticle lightning, dealing 593 damage to those within the area), and the mark will last for 10 seconds.