[ Maoumaru ]


A legend of unknown identity and origins, and no one even knows if he is human or not. The only thing that is known is that he is like a machine that is constantly looking for combat opponents...

Combat Style
A mid-range swordsman, the power-stripping effect of the skill will reduce the efficiency of the automatic HP recovery. He also has an “explosive kill” talent: when his HP is full or below 15%, basic attacks will trigger to have double the amount of attack power.
Max Steps at a time: 6 Max Tp: Excellence TP consume for a Move: Medium  
Move to recover SP: High Recover SP per sec: High Attack to recover SP: Low Attack: 66
Skill I: Money Dart Cooldown Time: 5
Shoots a Money Dart in a 1x7 area, dealing 291 damage instantly and stunning enemies for 1 second.
Skill II: Black Rain Cooldown Time: 10
Summon Black Rain in a 3x5 area at a speed of 0.1 seconds/slot, dealing 194 penetrating multi damage every 0.2 seconds, and power-stripping enemies that have been hit (lower HP auto-recovery by 75%) for 8 seconds.
Ougi: Scarlet Nights Cooldown Time: 0
Send out a 3x1 slash stream towards a 3x6 area, dealing 666 points of penetrating damage along the way at a speed of 0.1 seconds/slot with a power-stripping effect for 8 seconds, and charge forward 6 slots after unleashing thrown weapons to perform a charging slash, dealing 416 damage to the first enemy.